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At Fresh Start Mediation, we want to help you find a peaceful resolution to your child custody disagreements. With child custody mediation, you can bring legal disputes to an absolute end with the assistance of a trained and experienced divorce mediator.

Advantages of Child Custody Mediation

Calm Discussions

Divorcing couples with children tend to prefer mediation for child custody disputes because the sessions are non-adversarial, unlike divorce court. Instead, couples can work together to bring about an amicable resolution to all conflicts without anger and emotion getting in the way.

No Judging!

Mediators are not trial judges. Instead, mediation professionals remain neutral third parties who aren’t invested in either side. A skilled mediator can offer a solution more quickly than any judge. Mediation also tends to be faster than divorce court, which can drag on for months or years.

Setting a Good Example

When you choose child custody mediation, you are doing your part to set the tone for the relationship moving forward. Though you and your spouse have parted ways, you still need to maintain proper communication for the sake of the children. Studies show that children tend to fare better when divorced parents cooperate and communicate openly. By selecting mediation, you are setting excellent examples for your children, which is beneficial for the whole family.

How a Child Custody Mediator Can Save You Money

When you work with a divorce mediator, you are only charged a flat fee. This is a stark contrast to the thousands of dollars you would have to pay in attorneys and court costs with the average divorce. During the divorce mediation process, the mediator will help both parents work through all the available options to reach a fair and fast settlement they can be happy with.

Child Custody Mediation

Advice for a Calmer & Fairer Child Custody Mediation Process

Go into the meditation sessions fully prepared

The overall goal of mediation is to allow both spouses to present their cases calmly and with the purpose of coming to a peaceful resolution for all divorce issues, including child custody.

For best results, show up to the meetings with your child custody plan in hand. This should include a proposal for child custody, along with a time-sharing plan. You might also want to bring along a calendar that identifies school holidays, your employment schedule, and a list of your child’s activities.

Just because you bring a plan to your mediation sessions doesn’t mean you will always get your way. Plan on being flexible while keeping a business-like attitude if you hope to have the best mediation experience.

Keep calm when your spouse can’t seem to agree on child custody issues.

The divorce process can be hard on everyone, which means tempers can flare. During mediation, it is up to both parties to remain level-headed so you two can work out your differences. Talk with your spouse and find out if they want a fair resolution, then schedule a mediation session to settle the divorce and any child custody issues fairly and easily.

Collect necessary child records so you remain fully prepared for mediation.

Your divorce mediator will need to dig into the details of your case in order to present various child custody scenarios. Help your mediator gather the necessary information by providing all applicable school and health records. These documents help the mediator guide you and your spouse to a settlement that doesn’t alter the kids’ current lifestyles, medical health, or schooling.

Be open-minded about discussing time-sharing options with your spouse.

When presented with one or more child custody scenarios, you and your spouse need to examine and consider those arrangements without getting angry or defensive. Feel free to voice your concerns and ask plenty of questions. That is what this time is for, as long as you are willing to listen to your spouse’s concerns in kind.

Be sure and track everything with a child custody journal.

Your mediator might request details of the time you and the other parent share with the children. A child custody journal can be used to track dates, details, and children’s comments on how you care for them. With this information in hand, the mediator will be more adequately prepared to guide both you and your spouse to an amicable child custody arrangement.

When making divorce mediation decisions, always do what’s best for the kids.

When discussing child custody, you must do what’s best for the children. Work with your spouse to find a child custody arrangement that suits both parties best, but that also leaves the children’s lives the least affected. Keep any animosity you feel between you and your spouse from hindering the child custody mediation process. Every decision you make should have your children and their future as the primary focus.

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